My Home

When we built our home, we were very young and we didn't have the money to do anything special, but creating a home for my growing family was something that was very important to me.  We had builder grade finishes and I knew it would be a challenge to create the look I wanted on a small budget.  I tried to put quality where it counted and knew I could add special additions over time.  The house could grow with us instead of moving into something that was more than we could keep up with.  Looking back now it's very satisfying to see how much we have evolved in our home!

A home is a reflection of our own hearts and families, not someone else’s.  I try to incorporate that in every home I design.  For me, having a home I love is what keeps me and my family thriving.  I want my kids and my clients to say their home inspires them, just as I can say mine did growing up.  

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Sipe Home

"Shayla is so incredibly talented and has an incredible vision for design. She led us through our entire new build process and made the process so much easier and less stressful! She truly desires the design and the process to match the personality and lifestyle of her client.  Shayla’s passion for design coupled with her heart for people makes for a great experience! Thank you Shayla for helping our dream house come alive!"


Country Cottage

"This was my first personal project since the closing of my shop and it truly filled the void I had been searching for. It will forever be in my heart and I can't wait for a family to get to call this place HOME."


Jacktown Home

"This home was one of my greatest projects and truly helped me grow as a designer. It symbolizes everything I want my work to define. Even a house with little value can be turned into an amazing home. I was so honored to be apart of this process from start to the finishing details." 

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Lynch Home

"Shayla took a blank space in our home and turned it into something beautiful.  Her creativity and design went beyond our expectations and gave us a family space that we love spending time in.  She perfectly paired her warmth and style with the functionality we needed.  We loved having her design our game room, I only wish we could have had her do every room in the house!" 

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Collier Home

"Homegrown Design is the best decision we made when building our home. Shayla took a difficult building situation & turned our house into our dream home. She has since designed two additional rooms in our home & each time we are amazed at the perfect outcomes. She is a master at what she does & we couldn't be happier. Thank you Homegrown Design!"


Todd Home

"Shayla did an amazing job on our living room! She designed it perfectly to what we described we were looking for.. Our living room is by far the best part of our house!"

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Hale Home

"Homegrown design was so easy to work with on our home project. Fantastic ideas, great communication, and just a great person to be around. This project ended with an amazing friendship! We highly recommend Shayla and her team on your next project! "

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Kat's Home

"Collaborating with Shayla is always a wonderful process. It becomes very obvious to see how much she personally cares about her clients as she takes them through the design process and then direct and manage the execution down the small, yet important details. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shayla and her team, they treated us like family. "

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Brown Home

"Shayla did exactly what we wanted her to do... We wanted to keep it clean and simple!! We love everything Shayla and the homegrown team did to make our house feel&smell like home!"