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Real Estate

Needing to sell your current home? Maybe you are wanting to buy new? Are you thinking of investing in property and have your very own fixer-upper? I can help assist you in all areas with my real estate license. I am an active agent with Legacy Realty and continue to service my community with all areas "HOME."

Decor & Furnishings

This service includes a full design and styling plan, material presentation, product research and sourcing, purchasing, procurement, assembling, and professional install. All you need to do is show up for the big reveal, we will take care of the rest. I am confident we can transform your space into something you'll love.

Remote Design

This service is completely customizable for you and your needs. With minimal meetings, we can provide you with a full design and sourcing plan that will be your guide along the way. You as the client remain in charge for purchasing and project management.

Full Home Service Design

Through this service, we will take you hand in hand throughout your entire build or remodel. Designing from top to bottom and executing every small detail. From framing to furnishings we will be by your side. This is a custom experience that is tailor made just for you. Note: HGD does NOT provide contracting services

Designer for a day

Up to 6 hours of one on one design with myself and a HGD team member. This service is best for those who are wanting to kickstart your design but not sure how, or maybe your needing expert advice to finalize material selections and placement. We can help you feel confident in the journey ahead!

Is HGD is the right choice for you

When asked "what style do I consider myself as a designer?", I have found it is a bit more complex than a one word answer. In my designs I tend to gravitate towards neutral tones: whites, creams, greige, blacks, and glowing wood tones. I incorporate a lot of texture to add coziness and warmth. Starting with an elevated approach and mixing new with vintage helps my designs achieve depth and character. This also creates a curated timeless look. My main focus is to let the client and the home itself speak through conversations we have, with each directing us towards a characterized "style". By combining those aesthetics with my natural gravitations, we can achieve the design that best suits you! My goal for every project is to create a space that is beautifully curated for families to thrive and feel comfortable in and that can come in all different shapes, budgets, and styles!

Download guide for further details
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