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The new, old kitchen

A few months ago I was asked to design a kitchen for a couple that had recently moved into her grandmas house that was the hub of the family farm. The house was built in 1967 and had a story of it's own. Though it was outdated and drenched in Grandma's character, it was in pristine condition and had been kept so well it was as if it was built yesterday. Wanting to respect the family, Grandma, and the home itself, my client was specific on wanting her new and improved kitchen not to look like a builder grade special. She wanted unique and collected, something that mixed old world and new, a kitchen that was reimagined with the freedom to bring in her own style.


Built in 1967

Kitchen and Dining Remodel


Modernize for today's functionality

Upgrade and relocate appliances

Maximize a small space

Incorporate collected pieces

Inspired by Vintage

This kitchen gave me the opportunity to play outside of my traditional wheelhouse. I loved getting to play with color and pattern. Not very many clients let me go with bold textiles, but she did and I can proudly say that this is one of my favorite designs yet! I think we absolutely achieved the goal of honoring Grandma's house and letting some of her original pieces shine, while adding the character and charm this space deserved.

Design and Staging: Homegrown Design

Construction: Eric Fowble

Photography: Rachel Watlington


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