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The Stepping Stone

By now most of you know that we made a big change in our lives and moved into what was planned to be a flip house. This was a God driven move and as hard as it was to leave a part of our life and step into the unknown, we knew it was what we needed to do to to move toward our dreams, this became our stepping stone. I wrote more on how we came to this decision, and you can read those blogs here

This house sits on the beautiful, historic street of Broadway Avenue. Though most of the houses you see here are large and stately in manner, this was a tiny red brick ranch tucked away in overgrown greenery, if you didn't know what to look for, you would pass right by without ever noticing it. To be honest, the first time I walked through I didn't feel much attraction. The house was the exact opposite of what I had imagined designing a house on Broadway would look like. Small, no character, and not what I was looking for. However, for some reason, I couldn't shake the thought of just going for it anyway. I made an offer which was turned down, and so I thought, I tried and it wasn't meant to be so I moved on and continued looking for another. Nothing came. A couple of months later the seller called me and said she would like to revisit the offer and move forward with the sale. We decided to proceed and though I wasn't attracted to the house visually, through out the process of this flip I become so emotionally involved in the story that lied here. Day after day we found more memorabilia and connections with our life that I knew this is exactly what we was looking for. Little did we know, it would become ours and we continue to uncover blessings. With one step of faith, God can unveil his plans all along and that stands true for this little house on Broadway.


Built in 1965

Aprox. 1477 sq ft

3 bed 2 bath


Create lots of storage and functionality in the galley kitchen

Open up views to the living room

Re create a large walk-in shower

Brighten up the entire house

Lots of tree removal

Create a classic design that will stand the test of time.




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