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The House That Built Me

I never thought I would leave this place. Our lives were built here. I have dreamed of this very home since I was a little girl. Stewarding this home has taught me so much about myself. It has helped me grow into who I am today. It has comforted us through many crying, sleepless nights, and it holds our most joyous laughters. It has inspired me to live creatively with beauty and function, and allowed me to fail time and time again. It has helped me find the importance in the simple, quiet moments like time in my garden after a hurried day. Stress seems to roll away as I lose myself in this kitchen cooking dinner over and over again, reminding me that I am home. Pets have shared this space with us as we have loved and lost, only to welcome another in. Family and friends have gathered year after year within these walls and those memories will forever hold. It is all our babies have ever known. It has helped mold us into the family we are and has impacted us greatly. But most importantly it has instilled purpose to fulfill every season of our lives.

About a year ago I felt a shift in my heart, distancing myself of what once was here and looking forward to what’s ahead. This was uncomfortable and scary but at the same time God began to replace those thoughts with bigger dreams. I knew this was his way of preparing us for the next season, and he knew I needed the time to wrestle with those thoughts. It was a familiarity that over the years I’ve grown to know.

There is more he wants to do in our lives and we have to step out in faith and believe that he will. We have taken the time to reflect on where we are and where we want to go, what we need to do to make the desires of our heart become our reality. We’ve experienced the closing of doors only to see new ones open. We see the stepping stones in front of us and as hard as it is to take that step, I know that when I feel the movements of God in my life, I can’t stop believing halfway or quit when it becomes uncomfortable because then we could miss out on the very thing he is asking us to believe him for.

Dylan and I have never been more aligned with our dreams than we are now. After a long season of preparation, we feel ready to move towards where we believe God is leading us and leaning into his promises. With that, it is time to put our house on the market and let it continue to serve the next family, just as it has done for mine.

As I sit and reflect on all that this home means to me, I can’t help but to sit in the emotions of letting go. But I’m learning that life is not about holding onto something we thought would last forever, but instead allowing ourselves to grow through each season it lends, paving the way forward. We are moving with a lot of gratitude and love for the years we spent here yet excitement for what’s to gain in a better tomorrow.

To my little white farmhouse, you fulfilled every bit and more of the purpose you were built to fill, and thank you for helping me discover my own purpose in life. We are forever grateful for the years well spent.


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