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Colorful Lessons

When planning the design for the Broadway flip, I knew I wanted to do something new and paint with some color. Designing with color is not in my comfort zone. Choosing to go this route challenged me and pushed me to grow beyond where I feel safe. I spent hours trying to decide on 12 different shades of blue, only to be left feeling paralyzed in making a decision. After weeks of overthinking each color and knowing how one wrong decision could affect the total design, I decided to go with the initial colors I chose to begin with. Rather than questioning myself, even more, I went with what felt right in the first place.

Life for me lately has felt very similar to this. Deciding to move from our home was way out of my comfort zone. Especially when we decided to move into the flip house. I have never lived in town, so that alone was nerve-racking. And when I dream my biggest dreams, they’re the furthest thing from a small ranch house in the middle of town. This challenged me to change my perspective on this season of our life. I felt I had gotten so lost in the decision-making process and what this move might look like for my kids and family, I was missing the good that would come from it. It definitely pushed me to trust God wholeheartedly and to step out in faith.

All that being said, after months of wrestling with all the choices, I know that without a doubt God’s hand is in this and that this is a stepping stone in the path to His promise for us. It’s a beautiful thing to reflect on the last 3 months and see how the design choices I was making for a flip house, were also a metaphor for what was to come in our life. And from the very beginning, He knew that it would all come together beautifully, just as the many colors of this house. Here is to the journey ahead!


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