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Why hiring a designer is worth the investment

Our homes are one of the most valuable things in our lives. This past year we have experienced just how important our homes are. We have converted them into schools, work spaces, daycares, and the list goes on and on. Many of us have taken the time to check off the list the things we have been meaning to do for years. Like touch up paint, clean closets and cabinets, and many smaller things. But there has been quite a rise in the market of construction and remodel projects also. I think 2020 has given us time to realize that we want the best for those who mean the most to us, and we want our homes to be an extension of our love. Our homes have become a top priority for many of us, and that makes me so happy!

I have had countless people reach out to me in the last few months with questions like, where do we begin? How do I budget? Or just asking my opinion on what color of paint would brighten up their space.

Questions ranging from moving furniture to managing large projects. Normally I have a list of 3 services that I provide that break down how my design services might be appropriate for them. So it got me thinking that now would be a great time to give some reasoning why hiring a designer is worth the investment.

It's a lot like a house cleaner or a food delivery service. Yes, you can do those things yourself, but is it worth taking you away from things that could be more beneficial to you? You could be working and making more income instead of taking time off to research and make decisions/shopping for your house. Or spending that time with family.

Designers are trained to have conversations with the rooms in a house. They know how to set a blended tone throughout your home by selecting materials that compliment each other instead of fighting for attention. Choosing colors can be like finding a needle in a haystack and the process can become daunting. Testing paint colors in each room is crucial because tones are different depending on how much light is received. It's a bit more complicated than scrolling through Pinterest and choosing a color that Susan said she painted her kitchen. And since it looked great on her walls, it should on yours, right? WRONG. We can help you navigate the journey to ensure you end up with a color you love.

Learning to work with and manage all the subcontractors is super important. That way everyone remains on the same page throughout the process to reach the end goal you desire. This takes multiple in depth conversations, emails, and site visits. We are able to step in and have those conversations for you, It is our job to take the responsibility off your shoulders so you can enjoy the process.

We scale furniture to compliment your space. For instance, what if you go a store and pick out a bunch of furniture you liked the look of, get it home, nothing is to scale or it all overwhelms your space? Now you are stuck with over (or under) sized furniture and you have wasted time and money that you may not get back.

Helping you create that Pinterest worthy home that is actually functional and family friendly is our top priority. We have the deep conversations with you that answer questions you may have not even thought of. Like where do you place electrical plugs? How many do you need? How high should the stub outs be for your shower head? How do you like your bedding..firm, down, fluffy? If you have kids we might choose a rug that is easily washable or a pet friendly sofa. We do the detail work for you.

We don’t make the budget, you do! You are able to describe all your wants, needs, and dreams and we bring that vision to life with a realistic presentation based on your budget. You get to decide what to scale back on or what areas might be worth spending more on. From that presentation, you can add or delete anything you want until you feel comfortable with what your money is buying.

Also, we make it personal. You aren’t just buying a service, but instead an experience. It’s my job to bring a personality into your home that fits your story. A home that isn’t the stereotypical “designer white, unlivable house”, but instead a place that is well loved and a place of your own.

So hopefully this gives you a better understanding about what we do and how we can help guide your house into a home you’re happy to be in.

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