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All American Flip

This spring I was on a walk and saw a little house around the corner from me that was having an estate sale. Of course, I walked on over because I am always on the hunt for treasures to add to my collection. I overheard the owners saying they were going to put the house on the market soon. So I started the conversation of possibly making something happen. I explained to them what I do and they had told me it was their mom's house, who had recently moved into the nursing home. After some thought on both sides, we proceeded with purchasing the home. I jokingly told them that was my best find at a garage sale. After closing I told them I wanted them to stay away until I was completely finished with the renovation and then I would bring them back to see. I always want to make the original owners proud of what I do, and I take pride in paying respect to the story that was there before me.

A few weeks before we finished, I saw them drive by (as I had a few times) with their sweet Mom in the van and I hollered from the porch we wasn't ready yet but ALMOST! The weekend we completed the project, I hosted an open house and I couldn't wait to show them and Mrs. Wright what I had done to her house. About 20 minutes before we opened the doors about 4 cars pulled up. It was the family of Mrs. Wright. Unfortunately, she had passed and the family was in town for her memorial. My heart broke that she didn't get to see her home restored, but it was quickly replaced with joy as the family continued to pour in to see. I got to hear stories of the home, the family, and how proud she would be. Some were brought to tears as they walked through and they thanked me for what we had done. The blessing in this project being not only did we bring her home to life again, but her entire family, from all over the U.S, got to share that moment with me. This is the exact foundation I have built Homegrown upon and I am proud to share this story!


Public record built in 1950

1548 Sq Ft

3 bed 2 bath


Keep the original aesthetic of an All American Design

Open up floor plan

Reinvent the kitchen design while keeping same layout

Incorporate vintage inspired paint tones

Finish off with soft linens and thrifted or heirloom furnishings.







Design and Staging: Homegrown Design

Construction: Homegrown Design

Photography: Kacey Gilpin


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