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Accepting the Invitation of Fall

Fall, a beautiful reminder that change is necessary. That it in fact can be an invitation to magic. This happens with nature, a shifted mindset, and within our homes. It holds a promise of it's own delivering those things in our lives that hold the best intentions.

When accepting the invitation of fall I draw inspiration from nature, bringing the outside world of wonder in.

Almost everyone can agree that the change in seasons bring new smells to the earth. For fall it is the fresh crisp air, hotdogs roasting over the fire, maybe the heat circulating throughout the house as it is turned on for the first time, lit candles igniting those first explosions of specific aromas; the list goes on. Whatever it may be for you, its the memories we associate with the change of seasons that make it the most enjoyable.

Adding texture is a great way to enhance the coziness of our homes. Bringing out blankets that hold memories from seasons past, with the hopes to create new ones. Having a sweater close by to lounge throughout the day.

The colorful changes outside, especially in the garden, as the summer blooms slowly fade making way for the cooler weather, plants are a beautiful sight to see. With décor I use a lot of dried florals, leaves, and books for fall to create a reminder of the outdoor change. When decorating my home, I do not tend to gravitate towards heavily themed pieces, but I try to create more of an atmosphere with the color palette.

Remember that this transition does not always have to be pumpkins and scare crows, but bringing in deep earth toned colors mixed with muted tones can create just as much of an impact.

The foods of fall not only satisfy our taste but also our smell. When the kitchen is filled with the scent of cinnamon muffins, our taste-buds dance without even taking a bite.

Open the windows to let the fresh air in. Take the time to hear the wind swirling through the trees, or the geese flying south for the winter. For some, you may hear the faint sound of a Friday night football game in the back yard as you enjoy the cooler air from your back porch. My favorite sound of all is the kids laughing while running and crunching leaves under their barefeet.

As fall draws near, my hopes are that you can feel that fresh breath it lends and explore the restoration we all so desperately crave as summer fades. Whatever that is for you, may you find inspiration in my motion towards this coming season.


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