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Exciting News!

I have spent the last few years doing client work, running a shop, and selling real estate on the side. I was living in three separate worlds trying to give 100% to them all, but I was exhausted and falling short of who I set out to be. Something needed to change. After making the decision to close down my shop, there were days it felt like it was the end of Homegrown, but I never intended to quit there, I never planned on giving up. I need to do what I love. I knew what I wanted all along. I have been praying for this particular opportunity for over a year now, but it seemed as if it was never going to come my way.

But then quarantine...

In a time of uncertainty, the economy crashing, the pandemic, and not knowing what I was going to do, of course that is when God would tell me it's time to start. Scared to death but hopeful, he has reassured me time and time again I'm in the right place.

With that being said...

I bought a house!!!! This home will be COMPLETELY REMODELED showcasing my design work, it will be staged with all HGD furnishings & décor that will be available to purchase with the home, and it will be listed and on the market this fall! I finally get to put all of my energy and creativity into one place. I have never felt so refreshed and inspired to get back to work. I cant wait to turn this house into a HOME!

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