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My Candle Collection

With all of the uncertainty in the world and what's to come, I have been very skeptical of promoting any of my products or services. I know the Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world of small business owners upside down, so to speak, and it has given me some time to reflect. With the "stay at home" guidelines extended, I realize creating a place of peace and hope for our families is of the most importance. I have always believed in HOME and it has been my priority to help you curate a beautiful yet meaningful space. I think heading into this new normal might give us the best chance to love our homes well.

My friends at BaylyBotanicals shared a post stating "believing that curating your home, the most sacred place, to be full of life, living things, and making sure it's beautiful, can have a genuine effect on your mental health." I found this to be so true at a time like this.

I have found this is easier to manage by shifting my focus on the 5 senses.

What can I see in my home that ignites beauty?

What can my family taste that reminds them of Momma's home cooking ?

What sounds are calming to us?

What textures are we touching when we need a place to rest?

What smells are flowing throughout the air that soothes our soul?

Every evening I turn on my record player, light a candle, and prep for dinner. It is a routine I have been in for so long that it can instantly shift my worries of the world to the comfort of being home, in my element. The slow burn of a candle is a big part of that equation and without it, it wouldn't have the same effect. I don't know about you, but I typically stay stocked up on candles. They definitely became an "essential" item over the last few years, but here we are quarantined, and I am down to my LAST one!

When I closed down my shop I had every intention to have quarterly shows at my home and among those items for sale would be my candle collection. But due to restrictions, that Spring show will not be happening. However, I have worked for the last 6 months preparing a spring scent for you, as well as the official branding and naming of my signature scent.

The scent "Bloom" was inspired by this time I have had to really evaluate the aromas of Spring. Like the fresh air blowing through the windows, the spices of herbs in the garden, fragrant cut grasses, and the citrus found in freshly squeezed juices that add that seasonal touch of flavor. It is a new fragrance to the collection, but will continue on with the name "Bloom". What I have referred to as my signature scent, which is a premium fragrance that begins with mouthwatering mandarin, fresh watery ozone and green cardamom notes; supported by black pepper and musk, has been a favorite, but has remained nameless. I wanted this name to have a lasting effect. While the other scents may change, this one will remain a signature. So for this particular candle, I just wasn't ready to name something so permanently until recently.

Even though some days are harder than others to rely on hope, especially during a time like this, my hopes and dreams for Homegrown are far from over. God knows the order in which things need to happen, and trusting him is allowing him to not only do what he wants to do in our lives, but when he wants to do them. I will remain planted where God has positioned me to be and a story is still growing deeper than ever underneath it all. With the expectation of a bloom and harvest, there must be a planting. So the official name of my signature scent will be "PLANTED." You can read more about how I chose the other names names HERE.

As I said before, I was reluctant to promote these during this time, but if I can supply something as small as a candle to help you love your home more profoundly, maybe there is no better time than now!

Pre-sale ordering is now available online! Shipping will begin within 7-14 days. Thank you for your support and allowing me to continue to do what I love.

Order Quick links: Bloom Candle

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