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New Year Home Reset

With the busy holiday season behind us, now is the time to start preparing for the new year. As the gifts have been opened and the holiday décor is all boxed up, it is my nature to crave simplicity. I used to find this time hard to decorate as the house looks so empty when Christmas is packed away, but it isn't quite yet time for flower blooms and pastels. I still want to achieve the coziness and warmth of a winter home, all while creating the simplicity of minimal spaces. I like to take this time between the busiest and coming season to reset, refresh, and rest, not only with my personal life, but my home as well. Here are a few helpful ways to set your space up for what's to come...

I like to begin with a purge, first of my mind and then of our home. Because for me, the reward in ridding those places of unnecessary clutter is that it makes room for something new, or something more satisfying, to take its place. This year was a bit different for me, not only because I was purging my home décor, but at the same time I was moving out of my shop. It quickly became very overwhelming and I felt as if I needed it to all be complete in 1 day.

But I quickly realized this was much bigger than a quick closet cleanout. I needed to go one day at a time, moving a step further each day. Each morning I would set realistic goals of what areas or rooms I wanted to complete that day, turn on my record player and start, not stopping until the items on my list for that day were complete. Cleaning the highs and lows, every nook and cranny, is sometimes like therapy for me, especially when change is happening in my life.

Once these things are complete, I feel like I can breathe a little easier and start moving into a new year with a fresh perspective. . I also have a paper that I set out for the entire week and jot down anything I come across that I "need to get done", and slowly check them off 1 by 1, freeing up space in my mind. Which is just as important as decluttering the physical areas of our lives.

Below are a few things I like to keep in mind in the transition of the seasons. Helpful Hint: Just because the Holidays are over doesn't mean that winter has gone. This is a time when shops all over start bringing out their spring décor. And while that is something to look forward to, I can't seem to make the jump just yet, because after all, it is still January.

Here's some tips to keep in mind:

-Keep it light and airy. Open the shades and let some natural light flow in.

-Put away the formal place settings and opt for a single, simple centerpiece on the dining table.

-Add greenery that is still seasonal, like fresh cedar stems or holly branches. Greenery brings life to spaces that are feeling flat.

-Add a few inspirational quotes throughout the house to keep positive reminders flowing as we walk into the new year.

-Swap the holiday pillows out for ones that are rich in texture, and add a few accessible throw blankets to keep things cozy for the chilly days still ahead. Create areas to read or journal with good lighting.

-Gather some firewood and place in an interesting container such as a wicker basket or an old antique crock.

-Light a candle that is refreshing yet still nods to this season. (ex: Fresh Balsam or Marshmallow Fireside)

-Lay out puzzles or games on the coffee table to encourage family time and less internet interaction.

-Bake some comfort foods on those early nights in.

Take this time to embrace what the beginning of a new year has to offer. Reflecting on what has came and gone, but allowing ourselves to regroup and embrace its goodness. Rest assured, it's going to be a great year... Here's to 2020!

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