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FALL.. in love with your home

This month I was asked to write a very small segment in the home improvement wrap for the Shawnee News Star paper. In the article I briefly touch base on fall decorating. Each night I see post on social media of all the homes being transformed for the Autumn season, so I thought I would explain how I like to celebrate in our home.

Fall is my favorite time of the year to tend to my home. As the busyness of summer slows, I find myself craving more time at home, and Fall gives us the perfect opportunity to rebalance life before the holidays start up. My inspiration comes from that which nature offers in this season. Daizy and I have started a tradition with each season, we go into the field and clip flowers or branches to create a natural centerpiece for the table. This is a great way to bring color and texture from nature in without spending a dime. Plus we enjoy the search together. We have made wreaths with dried flowers, bouquets for our planters, and this year grandpa helped us find a persimmon tree! We clipped some long branches and put them in a vase full of water and it is now our focal piece in the dining room.

Preparing comfort dinners and warm desserts in the evening is another way to satisfy the family when those chilly nights arrive. I have really started to enjoy cooking and simplifying my evenings in a way I never thought I would. Having readily available hot cookies, pumpkin bread, or homemade cinnamon rolls is sure to please any guest. I like to highlight my color tones in the kitchen more than anywhere else. I will bring out any wood toned cookware and display them. You can place wood utensils in a container with a tray of jarred honey and oils, feature desserts on a wooden cake stand, small functional things can add lots of warmth to the room. Taking the time to gather around the dinner table can be challenging, but for this time of year, I 'll take that challenge.

Something as small as keeping a candle lit can instantly cozy up your home. A subtle glow and the aroma of the crisp autumn air is my favorite way to welcome fall vibes. Understanding the impact a candle can have in the house, for any season, is always on my mind when creating a particular mood! Tossing some chunky, soft throw blankets around the back of the sofa or dining room chairs creates a simple yet warm pallete.

Fall décor doesn't mean we have to clutter our homes with an explosion of themed décor, but rather enriching color tones, textures, and aromas throughout. It is a feeling we create in our homes in a time of nesting. Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things and then welcome us back for refreshment. Whatever that may mean to you, create that!

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