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The Brown Home

A few months ago, some of our really good friends called and needed my help. They had just moved back home from Texas and bought a house in Midwest City that was very basic. This however was not going to be their forever home. They wanted to keep the cosmetics that was already there, but wanted to add décor and furnishings to make it feel like home in this season of their life.

I really enjoyed this because I have gotten into such a routine of dramatic reveals and new construction that I haven't been able to hone in on the concept of contentment in each season.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what's to come next, we forget to enjoy what we have already. I am learning this myself more each day.

This install came at a much needed time for this family as tragedy struck a loved one. Without getting into to much detail, I wanted to create a space where the family could gather and feel peace. For them to be able to walk through the doors and feel refreshed. In times like this, a huge remodel isn't necessary, but instead filling the home with personal touches that remind us to look back on the roads traveled and be proud of the season we are in.

An inviting entry way is a great focal point and sets the tone of the home when guest arrive.

The living room is a simplistic area with a few pieces that can be great conversation starters without bing too over powering.

This large wall in the dining room features a piece I found online and fits the work history of the Brown's.

The bedroom we kept the original furniture and added bedding that is sure to satisfy with the coming fall weather.

The guest suite features photography by the home owner. He has taken these pictures of his work sites and I transformed them into a metal art gallery wall!

Thank you for allowing me to turn this temporary house into a home suitable for family and recognition of the important things in life. I love you all more than I could express and know God has his hand over you all and we have faith for a very hopeful future.

A lot of items shown are now available at my shop and online!

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