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Home On the Hill

This home was one of my favorites yet. This sweet family called me when the framing first began on their new home. They were totally confident in me and let me pretty much take the reins as far as design went. She had given me a few details on what she thought might go with their "style" but didn't give me a specific lane I needed to stay in. Our goal was light and airy, transitional functionality, kid friendly, and this needed to be pretty but also the family needs to be able to comfortably "live" here.

Can I just say that I honestly love when this happens! I can tell a lot about a family in the first 5 minutes of discussing how they want a home to feel, and "style" is not what I'm listening for. Décor can be so forced and boxed. Anyone can copy a picture on Pinterest and recreate the same look in their house and not have one bit of meaning or connection to the room. I do NOT design on a specific style, I use it for guidance of course, but I think if it is something that you love, makes you happy, or gives you all the feels... buy it! A house is a collection of pretty décor, a HOME is a collection of pieces that tell your story. Even if it is simply because you like the color of something, incorporate that and it will all come together beautifully. No one can put a boundry nor should they on what lines we should stay within.

His one request was "I have these mounts from Africa you have to use." His wife was terrified by this because I think automatically the" man cave in the woods" comes to mind when you first glance at these. But like I said before, there is no reason we had to stay within that box. He had a defined space that was meant to be his office and what a better place to include his prize possessions. We put more of a modern twist with a manly touch in this room. Using black accents, leather and wood tones, mixed with functional space for working. I myself wouldn't mind working if I had a space like this to do so. In the end, I think it became our favorite room in the house, even his wife who was so worried what we would do with these in the beginning!

The kitchen and dining, to me, is the heart of the home. It is where life happens, the best memories are made and its a space that brings us together as a family! I like to keep the décor to a minimal because we need that space to function, not to be cluttered. Clean and simple, let the elements of the room speak for itself. As for the dining, be sure to put a table that will fit all of your family members. If the table seems large, change up the seating like we did here for a more "airy" illusion. Bench style seating is a great option to seat kiddos while taking up very little space. A couple low back chairs on one side still allow the end chairs to make a big statement.

The entry is most often overlooked, but in my opinion should be a top priority. This is what your guest first see when stepping into your home. I ALWAYS put a candle in an entrance. A sensory detail is so important to me. It automatically sets the mood and is a great conversation starter. An inspirational quote always welcomes you in and walks you out feeling positive.

Storage baskets are a great option to hide personal items such as shoes. Add fresh flowers to liven up a space that easily become overlooked.

This was a long road for these home owners. It seemed as is they would jump through one hoop only to find another in the distance. This is truly a case of good things are worth waiting for. The day before the builder finished up details, we moved in and turned this new construction house into a HOME. Now they are able to enjoy the perks of homeowning instead of stressing to get this place in order.

Thank you for trusting me with your home from day 1 and allowing me to be apart of your story! I'm truly thankful for each client I work with and have gained yet another family to love me through this dream of mine!

For the full before and after video of this home, check out my social media. If you or a family you know would be interested in my design services, I would love to chat soon!

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