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1 year ago..

One year ago today I held a "trial" run for the store. I rented out an old barn in Meeker and my goal was to transform this place the best I knew how into a weekend shop for customers to purchase home décor. This is when I first started dreaming of a storefront, but I didn't have the slightest idea on how to begin. You can read more about that post here.

Transform we did and it was so fun! We had a blast and it was an experience I will always remember. At the time I had no idea what the year ahead of me held, but this was a great beginning. Fast forward 1 year today and I'm am writing this blog from my brick and mortar that is now open to all! If you have been following my journey you know all the up's, down's, and winding roads it took me to get here but I finally have settled into this lil shop downtown and I'm enjoying it more and more everyday. It truly is a place of inspiration for me.

Anytime I needed a quick get-a-way for inspiration, I used to go to the historic square in McKinney, Tx. I would go in those shops and look in detail how their items were displayed, the smells, the music, the entire atmosphere of those shops would recharge me. I would always ask for the owner of the shops to chat with me. I would ask how their stores came about or how their beginnings led them to the place they were now. Some would give me their phone numbers and would text me throughout the year with questions I had or just to simply guide me through the process. I would always think to myself how one day I wanted to be on the other side of those shops. To be the owner that would sit and talk to anyone who came in, whether it be to purchase something nice for their home or just to chat. A place to share each others stories and encourage dreamers like myself to take the leap. A store may be just a store to some, but to others its much more. It's an atmosphere that can change life's perspective, even if it's inside a barn.

I encourage every one to visit the shop and experience it for yourself. It is a great addition to Shawnee and I couldn't be more proud of this place. The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams!

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