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A look back at 2017

This is the post I where I can reflect back on what all I have accomplished over the last year, it is good for me to take time to do this because in all the hustle and bustle of my everyday tasks, I forget that I am actually achieving more than it feels. I have struggled a lot with feelings the enemy has thrown at me, whether it being doubt, anxiety, fear, control. Every day is a battle for me to believe in God's plan for me and push forward.

Sometimes, this year more than ever, I have really had to come to grips with making decisions and moving forward with my life or sit and ponder in the "what if's" and let me tell you, it has not been easy for me.

My hardest struggle this year has been Social Media. It has been a great way for me to meet new clients and share my work, but also has been a real battle within myself to compare myself to others. I recently started an Instagram account and was opened up to the realization that there are 12453434542 designers in this world that are AMAZING at their work and creativity and have a very large following of numbers I could only dream of. I started Homegrown because it was my happiness, my joy to share what I could do with others and I felt God specifically moving in my life. For me, social media (insta) is a thief that steals that joy away. Maybe I can not compare to someone who has the time to share their stories every 3 minutes of the day, or take the time to have a professional photographer come photo my perfectly arranged home, to hashtag every possible tag I can think of to in hopes get 5 new followers. Not to put them down in any way because all of these professional bloggers or IGer's (yes, they are real jobs that can make a lot of money I learned) that is what they were called to do in life. What I do know is GOD has promised me success. In what way? Well, I'm finding that out day by day. I can not pray for him to relieve the doubt that I keep running to over and over again, only to depend on "people" to get me where I want to be.

In the new year I am currently thinking of 1 word that I can rely on to get me through these times and focus on what I DID achieve, not what I didn't. God has definitely made clear to me HE IS MY SOURCE AND HE IS MUCH BIGGER THAN ANY SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWING I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE! THE MOUNTAINS HE WILL MOVE FOR ME IN HIS TIME AND FOR THE RIGHT PERSON. So in the new year I am posting simply to share my work, to be proud of what I have achieved, to share with those who may want to see, and for the same 4 people that actually read my blogs lol! In hopes that it might reach that one person I may inspire, as the other "bloggers" out there inspire me.

I understand this may be silly to some, this is just what I have learned to leave in 2017 and move forward with a new perspective in 2018. Will it be hard, yep, it has to be hard sometimes for you to truly depend every ounce of my soul on the Lord and his plan. If I had it all easily figured out for myself I wouldn't be in the relationship I am today with God. That is my greatest accomplishment for this last year. One I do not have words to describe.

Here is a look back at what I DID accomplish in 2017

-TEN design jobs! Ten families that trusted me with their homes and each one was truly special. Thank you to each and every one who gave me my beginnings and let me try my best. With each new job, a lesson was learned and I grew in my business for the next in line!

- A magazine publishing in OKC Lifestyle. My design, that at the time had just began and I got the call for an article publishing? YEP, it's that God source I was talking about! you can view that article here.

- A blog/website launch. It's small, and will eventually grow, but it is a place to share my journey and for that I am thankful for the process of learning.

- A soon to open storefront! you can read more about my thoughts on here and how this is the beginning to greater things ahead.

-A spring candle signature to Homegrown Design. This will be available on my site and at the storefront early 2018.

-T-shirts, this makes me feel official to see people wearing my logo, I am very proud of them!

- A donated service from the community that helped someone in need of a room! I hope to continue this each year.

- Countless days/night of learning the business side of my dreams. It always seems easy until you get started lol.

- Vlogging. I have tried my best to video each reveal and make a short film of the process of each design.

-A successful Home show! you can read more on that here.

Quite a bit for my first year starting from the ground, something to be proud of for sure, even on my days of doubt! I hope you guys can stay around to see what 2018 brings, I can feel its going to be a fun filled year! We already have 2 design jobs starting next week lined up, A FLIP HOUSE and let me tell you, you do not want to miss the journey of this one, I will blog the process of this starting in a few weeks. It will be every farmhouse lover's dream! Of course our storefront grand opening and that is just the first 3 months!

I am thankful for this year, my life, my little growing business, and each of you that choose to follow along. Here's to a growing year for Homegrown Design in the year to come!

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