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Axle Surgeon Play Room

The last job I was able to do was one of my all time favorites! It gave me the opportunity to have some fun, think how a kid would think, and just a bit of a change up from what I usually get hired to do! The Tucker's had contacted me about their business in Shawnee that had an empty room in the back and they wanted to transform into a play room for their grandkids. First of all, I love that even at their place of work, they wanted to find a way their family would always be welcome and have a place they could get creative! I have said before, and I will always say, that Family is first in life and if we can get that right, everything else will fall into place! Not only did I get to surprise this sweet girl, but she would get to be the one to introduce "their space" to her cousin and baby to come! Getting to please adults is one thing, but seeing the face of a little girl light up when she saw this playroom was the greatest!

It was a small room so I had to be careful of the amount of furniture I put in, but I also wanted to give the kids lots of options throughout the room. The cold concrete floor needed to be cushioned for a baby to crawl, lighting was minimal, and this room needed to come alive.

To start we ordered the soft wood grain puzzle flooring, which was a great option because it is very practical for this use, but not permanent for future use of the room it can simply be taken up!

What kid doesn't love to pretend like they are a big help in the kitchen? So I had to be sure to give them a real life looking one, just like you would see in an adults home. Very trendy with white cabinets, open cedar shelving, stainless steel dishes, and cupcakes to top it off! Before, the window box you see now was a HUGE electrical eye sore. The Tucker's one request was to cover this creatively, but still needed easy access to it. I was thinking of what I love about my kitchen, and it is definitely my window above my sink. I can see the flowers, my kids playing, brings in light and gives that perfect old farmhouse feel. While I couldn't actually put in a window in this room, I could create the image of one! So that is exactly what we did with this box. A cabinet was built so that it could still be opened for use, but when shut, it is a safe option for the kids. We topped it off with a cute picket fence awning and a small flower box so the kids can even plant and grow their own plants! A great idea to teach responsibility to kids, to care for something delicate and watch their work grow into something they had a huge impact on!

A craft table was put in the center of the room with the option for them to use as a small dining room for the kitchen, or to color and paint pictures of their own. Of course their art needs to be displayed, so we put up a very simple string of twine with some clips to hang! My kiddos helped me with some pictures the night before to display. They love it when I include them into my work (as do I).

A teepee to read, nap, or a good game of Cowboys and Indians? The options are endless with this nook. The metal cut outs above are sometimes something I like to add in my design with a special quote suitable for my clients. This is my all time favorite quote and I actually apply it to myself since the beginning of my journey. "What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" Just a good simple way to show our kids to always go for their dreams, you never know what is in store for them!

A storage area with baskets full of toys is an easy way to clean up after the day and accessible for the kiddos to do themselves. A seating area to have a rest, or not! I wanted to throw in a chalkboard because if I remember playing anything when I was small it was "school", getting to be the teacher for all my dolls and stuffed animals was THE BEST! A small hanging, but where imaginations can soar.

Last but not least, a small rocking chair with some very special books. A place for bonding and holding our littles while they still let us! A simple area to the eye, but a huge impact on the family to share small moments like these.

I'm so thankful for each job I get to do, but this one was truly special. A big Thank you to the Tucker's, for allowing me to create such a fun room for your family! I hope you enjoy it for years to come!

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