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Butler's Farmhouse Style

Recently I was contacted by some friends that just moved into their new home and had very small spaces with lots of big furniture. Not knowing what to do or how to place things, they called me in for some help! Small spaces are tricky, especially open concept. You want each room to have its own identity while still maximizing the space given. Down size furniture and knowing placement for each piece is key. I never buy any kind of furniture or décor without mapping out my rooms and having measurements on hand when I'm shopping. It really helps give a visual to your area before buying things that will not even fit. Something as small as an over sized rug for your area can make a room feel over powered and cramped. At our consultation, we jotted down their needs and wants, her style, and the over-all feel she wanted to welcome into her home. She first began with selling/exchangingsome of her over sized items and put that money towards her budget for new. We were able to use some of her personal things like her HUGE sectional sofa, by simply removing some extra sections to free up some living space. Also, an armoire she had in the garage to fill with pillows and blankets to accommodate a cozy gesture for family and guest. Chairs are another great source to separate an area from another without completely closing it off. We chose high back neutrals to define the end of the room but keeping light and airy.

My absolute favorite is the barn door to hide the T.V. Most everyone has a wall hanging television now, and although useful, it's not pretty. This option allows them to pull back and watch nightly shows or hide and create a dramatic statement when guest are over! Functional and AMAZING!

Lighting is also KEY! Try to create one and one only focal light in small areas, (after picking the main light source, small pendants or cans are a great option to fill surrounding areas) this also will give you freedom in the future to move furniture around and not have to rely on a specific area. We were able to have an electrician come in and do so for us! A coffee nook was a MUST in their home. Not having room for a big bulky hutch, floating shelves are an alternative for storage and freeing up floor space. Plus, they are super cute when displayed.. Win, Win!

Dining tables can take up a great amount of space so trying a round table helps the area to feel more contained and thought out. You can mix match chairs or add a bench/pew on one side to maximize seating which is what we chose to do here. Adding a mirror somewhere in a small designated area helps to reflect space and give the illusion of a bigger plan!

Details are my favorite. It is the things that truly bring a space together to not just to see a room, but to feel a room. The little things, the smell, even a kitty! The personal details that make a room simply a HOME!

I was so excited when I was given these words " I want Cozy, and ssuuuuppper farmhouse/shabby chic" because my farmhouse is where my love for design all began! It was nice to get back to those roots and have some fun while "WORKING." Thanks again to The Butler's and I hope your home is filled with lots of love and laughter in that small space! Click for video link here..

-Love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate. Where you eat and sleep so close together, you can't help but communicate. And if we had more room between us, think of all we'd miss. Love grows best in houses just like thi

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