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Homegrown Design Gives Back!

Last week I got the chance to do something I never had the chance to do before, and it made my heart so happy!

Since the very beginning, I have said that I want to start a program where I would be able to give back through my work. Some may think design is a luxury and materialistic service, but to me, it's much deeper than that. My home, my space, my hard work is apart of me and when I am home, I have everything. If I had all the money in the world to help those in need, I would..but I don't. I do, however, have a gift that was God given and I have prayed to let him shine through my work first and foremost. I have had a vision of once a year being able to create a space for someone most deserving, to give them a space of their own to call "home" based on completely donated services throughout the community. I surely did not know how to begin, or who to even contact to begin such a thing, but in time I figured these things would come to be able to do so. I woke up at 6am one morning about a month ago with the most realistic dream I had ever dreamt. I didn't know much of the details but it was a single mom that needed a nursery and my team had gave her just that. It was a total surprise to her and it was so real even down to the reveal, the tears, the heartfelt gift I had just given her. I told Dylan, my mom, and a friend about this dream and that was all. I knew right then, this was a "sign" if you will, that it needed to be my on my agenda this year. Little did I know, an opportunity would come within weeks. It was brought to my attention of a boy so well deserving of his own room and his story brought tears to my eyes that day. His strength, drive, and kind heart at such a young age was more than touching. I knew that God needed me to help in a way he could feel most loved and accepted. I went to every business around town telling about my goals for this room and anything and everything someone wanted to donate, I could make it useful! I was expecting the worst, hoping for the best, that people could see my heart in what I was trying to do. To my amazement, We had enough donations/help offered within 1 week and was able to complete his room in no time. I'm so humbled by the generosity some of us still have to give in this world of negativity. They could have looked at this as something that would not benefit them in any way, non-profit, and time I'm sure they could have used else where, but instead we came together with generous hearts for a cause that I realized could bring more happiness than any amount of money. This was by far my most important job, most heart felt reveal, and something that I want to continue in my work. Giving is so much better than receiving and especially when I get to put my passion into creating a space someone now has to call "their own." Thank you to every one that helped create this space and helped my dream come true, literally. If God is in your heart, and your heart is in your work..the outcome will always be a success.

Thank You to all those who helped:

FFO Home Furniture

Keller-Williams Green Meadow Agents

Suburban Cabinet Shop

Patriot Environmental

Cloud Roofing and Construction

Raymond Kahrahrah Welding

Individual donations

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