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Game On

Hello! I'm finally back at the computer for a short blog. If you haven't heard from me in awhile be sure to follow my face book page because I post just about daily on there! Its easy for when i'm on the go, but occasionally, I like to get the chance to get a bit more personal! So this room was made for BOYS, BOYS, and more BOYS! This media/game room needed to be fun and energetic while keeping it functional for the family! This is for a family of 4 of boys so of course we had to have a place for all gaming systems, comfy seating, lots of color, a big screen, and everything in between! I am not one to have a reputation for color, so this was super fun for me. I got to go outside of my box a bit and splash a few pops in here and there. A sectional is great for small spaces that still allow to seat a big crew. Keeping the base color of the furniture neutral allows you have fun with things such as pillows and art since they can always be changed out in the future. I had an art piece on one wall so I needed to balance the other out with something large enough to fill it, while keeping my focal point on the art. I chose random sized baskets because not only did it check of my list for texture, but also has great functionality. They could easily stash some DVD's or remotes up there to keep the room tidy! We chose a metal console to mix in a bit of an industrial look with lots of storage for all those gaming systems! We filled some space by adding metal letters quoting "game on" to set the mood, because if your anything like my boys, competiveness is in their nature and that just seemed fitting for this area! Throw in a couple of end tables to set a cold pop on, throw up your feet, and waaa-laaaa, You got yourself a game room! I had so much fun with this and I hope everyone these boys enjoy it just as much as I did!

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