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Spring Show Success + How I got here

As I settle down to write this blog, I'm overwhelmed with emotions. First off let me start from 1 year ago where I was at. I had a dream, to be something more, to use the talent and drive God has given me, but no idea where or how to start. I remember saying " I want to flip houses and stage them" that was it...that was the extent of my dreams. Looking back on this 1 simple year, I'm sure God had giggled a bit at that time and said "if you only know the roller coaster ahead of you I have planned."

We didn't have the funds or knowledge to begin to flip a house but like with every thing else in life I thought "there will never be a PERFECT time in life to start a new journey, I just have to pray and GO" So with one audition video to a network television show, we were accepted and filming began. It was a lot of hard work, learning, finding myself and what I wanted to do with life from here on. Was it a great experience? Absolutely, it was the start to something I never thought would be. Before that I had gotten my real estate license so I could not only buy homes I wanted to "flip" but have the listing side of them when I was ready to put them on the market. I had all this planned. I was going to go from 1 to the next and so on and that was my new job. I prayed and prayed every night for God to provide the next house because I was ready. It just wasnt happening that way. Some of you know during this time my family went through some major life changes. We lost my brother and my husband had just went through a major back surgery that would turn our world upside down. So as I would ask God to please let me keep going, he was pulling me back. Which patience is a very hard struggle for me. I like things to happen fast and have control of every situation, but this time was different. My family needed me, my husband needed me, and as much as I needed to keep going for myself...they needed me more. I remember the exact night I was rocking Daizy to sleep in her green chair upstairs and I was crying asking "What do I do next?" I felt like I had 6 doors open in front of me and couldn't move. God told me to focus on my husband and family and in his timing he will provide more than I can ever imagine. I had struggled badly with anxiety during this time and needed to rest in his peace. So that is exactly what I did. Don't get me wrong I still pushed and worked harder than ever to reach my goals, but I was doing it in a different way. I let God take the reigns, pouring every ounce of trust in him, I gained a relationship through him like never before. I was able to find myself when I thought I had figured that out along time ago. I needed to put my heart and family into my work, slow down, gain relationships, be proud of the journey. I started my blogs so I could look back to remember my work and each step of the way. So how did interior design come into all of this...

Interior design has always had a special place in my heart and my passion grows each day. I have decided this year to put my talents into action and give back to clients who have a desire for their home to be a place of comfort and happiness.

But my true passion is not to buy a strange home, flip, and sell but to help people bring back the love for their personal homes, after all that's why they bought it in the first place because there once was a spark and it is my job to bring that spark back to life.

Whether it may be just through decor to add some meaning to a room or an entire remodel to suit your growing needs. This is how I have found to put my heart into my work. As I was working jobs I found myself buying from big box stores and putting efforts into something they really could go to hobby lobby and do themselves. Now, my mind is turning thinking I need a store of my own. A place where people can feel inspired for themselves, to have décor that not every other home has in it.

One year ago, a store was the furthest thing from my mind, but God works in mysterious ways in a timely manner. I want my career to be full circle. A real estate agent who can offer services to buy or sell, a designer to remodel personal spaces, have a place where people can come shop my style to take home with them. A place my hard work can be officed, a place where I can write my story on the walls. So I thought a Home show would be a great test of time to decide to go further with a storefront. This however was a success in itself even if I hadn't made a dollar. I put so much work into this depending only on God to lead the way, give it to him and follow his lead which is what I needed to work on, letting go of my control. The signals, comfort, and ANXIETY FREE journey of this show was unimaginable. My family, just like the flip house, has had a major role in all of this. It has brought each one of us together and from all sides, even if for one weekend. It was the best feeling in the world for me to be able to look around me while setting up and know I will always have them by my side through it all. My husband and I have learned to push each other in ways I never thought we would ever need to, but I love us more each day and the strength he has given me even if it was through an unknown way. He has helped me the find myself in this time of struggle. We can look back at the year as what we didn't accomplish and what went wrong, but I'm looking back at the lessons learned, finding my heart, letting go of control, and bringing my family together. Just finding Gods peace this year and not knowing where he will lead me next is an excitement in its own! This show was a start to my future I believe, but the support this town has shown is enough for me to push forward! I am forever grateful for each and every person that came, that reads these blogs, and is along for the ride. Never plan your life out on your own, let others in, open your heart, and God will handle the rest. So here is to a successful Home Show Event that has opened my eyes to the future! Thank you all!

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