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I Love Lucy...65 years later

If anyone knew me back in the day, you knew how much I love the sitcom "I Love Lucy." I watched it every single night before my 9:30 bedtime and had (still do) every episode on VHS!

Well, today my love has returned but in an entire different way...the design of the set!

If you experienced this day and age of furniture, you might snarl your nose at this post, but the saying "everything comes back around" holds true in every aspect. Even furniture! Let me be the first to tell you how excited I am for this shift. I've spent some time thinking on how I could open some minds up to this and putting a visual for all you non-believers out there, so here is a few pics I went through today and thought I would share.

If only we had the same price tag!

This bedroom set created specifically for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz was soon sold in stores across the world for the love of the trend. Its clean lines, contrasted color against raw wood, and beautiful appearance captured the eye of the star. The love was then spread into the homes of many both famous and average every day rooms.

Fast forward to

today, mid century modern with a twist! Remember a few weeks I told you how the shift in styles were brewing and it is my job to stay ahead of the game. Well here it is my friends, mid century, boho, blast from the past, call it what you's coming! Its all about showcasing these quality pieces but keeping it modern. Keep a neutral color palette that allows natural light to flow, all while keeping it cozy with wood tones, textured pillows, and soft bedding for that spa-like feel. A retreat in your own home, what's better than that?

Bedroom envy right here!!!!

This is the actual living room set that is sure to be making its way back around!

Now todays twist...

I love how this can be mixed in with a sort of an industrial feel. Adding leather to a room is my

go-to accent and pairing it with this furniture is right on point! Definitely quite the comparison to the above set. When the show was finally aired in color, if you remember right, her couch too was a perfect tone of deep blue!

Even this bathroom has the look of a mid century vanity, but tucked in with todays most desirable look... classic subway tiling, slate flooring, which all can be found in the modern farmhouse homes today.

This super cute bistro table is sure to be a show stopper with its classic marble top, a great way to tie it into any kitchen!

So for all of you who gasped at the thought of this horrific trend, have I convinced you at all that this too can be perfectly placed in with todays design? I sure sold myself if anything else lol. Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this fun blog post today!

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