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Slayton's Room Remodel!

I finally got around to finishing Slayton's Room! It turned out to be quite a bit more, like always, but I wanted it to be perfect!

Once I have a vision in my head I just cant settle for anything less.

I wanted to go with a classic, timeless room. I say I wanted something that will grow with him and will last for years to come, but who am I kidding, I change things every 2 years lol! That was my reason to remodel and for now I'm sticking to it!

My vision: industrial, urban, masculine touches, yet timeless little boy accents.

For industrial I chose to do the feature wall in galvanized tin. I know the rustic is popular but I loved how the original shiny tin reflected off the lights and brought in a lot of light to his room. The black and gold wall sconce lighting is probably my favorite of it all! It is useful for a nightlight for him now, a light for bedtime stories, a glimmer of light for relaxation, and by having them on the wall gives him more space on his nightstands!

Urbanity: The raw wood of his dresser and headboard with metal industrial hardware to tie in with the wall.

Masculine touches: I added flawless bedding with leather pillows, leather is always my go to texture to "man up" a room.

Even though it was a goal to create a room for years to come, he is still my little boy for now. So with that, he has his metal trucks, trains, and anything with a motor displayed throughout.

His old trunk that is beside his bed, was actually his great-great grandmothers luggage she traveled with many years ago and is still in the family. It now is full of his costumes, which if you know Slayton, costumes is his FAVORITE!

He also loves, loves, loves sports. So we had to have a "Locker room" of course! These lockers I found at an antique store and now hold my lil mans t-ball, football, and school gear just like he wanted. I want to soon add black and white photos of him playing these sports all across the front. He definitely feels he is one of the big boys now.

The letter board above his bed was my hardest piece to find. I wanted this so he wouldn't have to look at the same ol' thing all the time, since it is the very first thing you are drawn to when walking in. This gives me the option to change out quotes each week to boost his confidence always! I never want him to feel any less of himself other than how I see him through my own eyes. So he can always look up to read a quote of love and inspiration straight from his Momma!

This was a very fun room for me to do not only for myself but to be able to share with him.

I tucked him in to bed last night and as I walked away he said, "Mom, I have the bestest room ever all because of you." AAAhhhh MELT MY HEART! I would say this project was a success!

Thank you to Jacky Cloud for all your hard work from paint to construction to heavy lifting, and Heather Winlock for making his headboard exactly the way I wanted, it's all so perfect!

I'm not sure why youtube puts the profile pic to something so random, I'm sure it can be changed, but I'm still learning LOL!

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