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The Ceiling Is Going To Be The Death Of Me!

So when we got the home, the ceiling had no texture, just flat sheet rock stained yellow with a ton of nails popped through. We had a painter come in and thought we could just hammer up, fill in, sand, kilz, and paint right over and it would be good! Maybe in a perfect world, yes, but in the world of flipping never expect something to turn out as planned lol! We could still see every patch and yellow after 3 coats of kilz and 2 coats of paint! So after nights of trying to find a solution and calling many people to come check we finally found someone that came out and tackled the job with texture. IT LOOKS AMAZING! I never knew how much texture could change the entire look of walls. This little set back took up a week of our timeline putting things on hold and dipped more into our budget. It seems like a small issue in the post but it was a very emotional week over these stupid walls lol. It is being finished up now and we can move on to finish paint and other things that should have been done last week now..

So in the meantime, we did a few little fun side projects! This was an old beat up locker that we refinished to be the new broom/trash cabinet. We also are building a fun industrial shelf for the bathroom. Mom has been rockin this flip with me, thank god for her, she has been there every day every step and I'm having a blast with her!

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