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Spring Home Show 2017


Can I just take a minute to explain all the exciting things happening for Homegrown?

God is moving RAPIDLY through me and this lil dream of mine. I know I cant get around to posting as many blogs as I would like but I promise not a day or night for that matter goes by that I'm not workin my tail end off to do everything I can to make this happen. My design services are taking off more each day, this is something that started as a hobby and now is a job..that I LOVE! Its so fun to do something you truly have a passion for and get to make people smile! This however comes with a big business side to things ive never had to learn, and learning I sure am. It takes a lot to build a business from the ground up, a lot of time, sweat equity, late nights, brain racking, and plenty more to become a "professional" but I know it will pay off soon!

Just in 2 short months I have challenged myself more than ever, I'm so excited to share my new website with you guys, its perfect and everything I wanted, check out Michael with Flycatcher Design for any site needs, hes awesome! I have been working on my signature candle and I am so close to getting my scent exactly how I want, this has been 6 months in the making and I want it to be perfect! I have plenty of design jobs lining up and I needed to step my game up, which brings me to the exciting news.

In my lil head I dream 24/7, literally, and one of those dreams for the future is to have my own store front! This however is something that need lots of time and prayer to be sure. Until then I want a trial run, a mini store. A weekend to express my taste, style, and life with others. Displays set up just like how it would be in a house so you can see visions for yourself, buy those unique items to revamp your house and bring the community together in a new way! My design services will be offered along with furniture, décor, candles, and more for those who just want to shop on their own. SO...this weekend I'm taking a week to go to the big "D". Not only for inspiration but for inventory to bring home for you guys! With that being said,


This show will be in May and I promise to not disappoint! Ive been truly blessed by each and everyone of you and the support this small town has given me, I cant wait to see each and everyone of you there. Its so exciting to share this big day with you. Follow along for more updates as it gets closer. Every person that reads this blog, tell somebody that will tell somebody and so on to make this first show a success. Heres to a year of building relationships, pursuing dreams, and living life the way my heart desires.. So ill leave you with a question, what would bring you to the show?

Until next time, follow me on social media for daily updates!

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