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Wood Sanding & Cabinets

Today we are cutting countertops. Robert and Dylan are doing this because it is something we need a lil extra help on, we cant mess these up! They got here early this morning and had them cut by the afternoon. We chose a very light color because the kitchen originally was very dark so anything to try to pull some lighter pieces in will help!

The Floors..

I have never sanded wood floors before, but nothing a lil you tube cant help with lol. It was very time consuming but not hard at all. They sanded up beautifully but we had worked on them all day and still had the edges to do, we were sore and exhausted so the boys came out after work and sanded them until they were finished. Bless their lil hearts they were out here until around 9pm and still didn't finish them all and broke my sander lol! But, I'm super thankful for friends and a hardworking hubby!

The Dreaded Cabinets.

These cabinets were probably the most disgusting thing I have ever touched in my life. They had an explosion of grease on them so thick that none of the cleaners were even touching it. So after some more research, yep you tube, we had found a guy that used Wheel and tire cleaner to remove grease from wood. So off to Walmart we go and get what we need. When we first sprayed the cabinets it was almost to good to be true. The grease was rolling down in a bright orange foam and literally dripping off on its own. We thought this was the greatest thing and it was exactly what we needed. But if it ever seems too good to be true, it probably is. Every place the foam had rolled down it was striping the wood with it..

Props to these girls btw who showed up to help me tackle this. Sierra, mom, and I scrubbed and scrubbed and this was just something that was bigger than us not to mention the time it would take if we had to strip, sand, repeat a thousand times then to refinish them. Time is not something I have a lot of especially during a 45 day flip. So back to Lowes (that place is becoming my 2nd home) we go to see if we can possibly squeeze in new cabinets in the budget. Remember though we have already cut our countertops to fit these earlier that day. First mistake but lessons learned, don't cut countertops before having clean usable cabinets lol. Luckily we found the exact same measurements in stock ready to go. Today was beyond exhausting, stressful, and a learning process for sure, but that's why this is my first time around and I will know what to do and not to do next time. Shortly into this flip ive learned this is not for the faint hearted, weak minded, or someone that gives up easily lol. If it was easy everyone would do it I suppose, But, this is where my heart is and I will make this a beautiful home for our sweet buddy! Rome wasn't built in a day, just keep swimming my friends! Goodnight

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