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Blank Space

Hello there, its been awhile for this lil blog but I have been SO busy! Which is a great thing, but I like to keep you guys up to date on my projects so here is a lil something I've been working on!

I was asked to come check out a friends newly built house that has an open concept floor plan with very high ceilings. Her issue was walking into the home and the first visual is huge, tall, blank walls that made her home feel empty. Even though she already had furniture and some décor in place, we needed to add texture and warmth to those big open areas. This was new for me because usually I have a clean slate, usually a specific room a client wants me to design from scratch, but in this case she just needed some random fill ins to tie in with her personal décor. So off to my computer for lots of thinking, searching for the right pieces, and trying to put a visual together for not only her but myself! I knew I was going to need LARGE pieces that automatically would draw the eyes UP as soon as someone entered the home. Her home was more of a modern day rustic but she wanted to add some farmhouse charm, which of course is my favorite! I wanted a few custom pieces so I gave my visions to Jacky, (Cloud roofing & construction) and as always he had them built and delivered exactly on time! Check his fb page out and give it a like, he is pretty handy to have on my team! Mood boards, approvals, measurements, custom buildings, shopping, all the hard work put in before the actual big day (which is a HUGE amount of behind the scene work) I got my partner in crime and off we went for DECOR DAY! I literally could not have done this day without my mom because as always things do not go as planned and it was quite stressful. She is a huge help and I will ALWAYS praise her in my blogs because even as old and confident as I am in myself, I still feel I need her everywhere I go just for her approval! Also my photographer is with me always to document these moments so I can share pretty pictures of the process with you guys. photo credits to Nikki with NDphotography. Give her a fb like also. I'm definitely forming my go to team and I appreciate each and every one of them!

OBJECTIVE: 6 large, blank walls, 6 book shelves, fill them and add functional use!

Since these are hard to tell what is what I will just post before and after pics and give a description of each.

This is when you first step through the front door, there is a cutout leading into the living room. We needed to add drama to this area, as it is what welcomes you into the home. Neutral colors, soft tones, lots of texture and farmhouse vibe. This is what will set the mood when entering the house for what is more to come!

This is a space in the living room leading into the kitchen. A small, narrow area I didn't want to block the walkway so I needed a hanging of some sort but needed to still be dramatic and pop. What screams farmhouse décor more than a windmill? NOTHING my friends, NOTHING. Simply perfect!

Dining room...again, simple and timeless. throwing in the smallest things can make the biggest change!

This is a fav of mine! This area is a hallway that angles towards her laundry room, so when people come through that back door, I wanted a very eye catching staged area. The table was custom built to fit the exact wall size and space below for storage baskets! I LOVE layering big items and seeing how it all ties together. I had fun with this.

Bathroom...This tub needed some coziness brought in. We warmed it up with custom cedar shelving and all the needed bath essentials for a relaxing evening. It filled in exactly how I wanted and made a huge transformation.

The beautiful shower makes a statement of its own but needed some functional space close by. Who wants to run across the room to grab a towel when we can just reach around the corner now! Warm, clean towels ready to go. Plus this lil custom shelf is super quaint and ties right in to the shelves above the bath!

This was a fun and challenging project but I'm super happy with the way it turned out and hope the homeowner enjoys it as much as I did! Be sure to follow me on social media and check out my services listed on my site to book your home facelift today! Thanks as always for reading my lil blogs!

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