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My Own Space

When we built this house, I never dreamed I would need an "Office" I barely know how to use my phone, so I never pictured I would want a desktop to edit and get prepped for youtube videos! Which is a work in progress and I'm trying to teach myself each day. We recently got a GoPro and I thought it would help me take better pics for my blog, help get some good videos, and give me good web content. All I had was a tiny laptop that I never had a place to go to work that the kids were not climbing all over me. I needed to give myself an area of comfort so it might help me to learn, relax while I work, and just enjoy this adventure of sharing my journey with you guys. Plus it gave me a reason to decorate another area for myself so it was a win win for me!

I have no extra room in my house whatsoever to have a big desk and a shut off space. So my first thought was I needed to find somewhere to get away. Upstairs was perfect because it gets me away from the chores that need to be done downstairs. But my upstairs landing is very small. I literally had 1 TINY wall that was open for something but it needed a special touch. I knew I could make this work but it needed thought. It was so small, I knew I would have to have a custom desk built to even fit. So I asked my go to guy, Jacky Cloud to put me something together. I gave him measurements and he got to work right away. When I get my head wrapped around something I'm super impatient and he gets that lol, so I had it within 3 days. I wanted raw cedar not only because I love the look, but the SMELL. When creating a space to work make sure to add elements you love to bring calmness to an area that can be stressful. A natural cedar aroma is perfect! Also, some sort of lighting, for me I like overhead. So we had to call another friend of ours to add some electric on this blank little wall. I always have a team of friends that can help me right away and I'm so thankful they understand my needs lol.

I'm so excited that I was able to make this space work. Why is this lil desk so important to me? It truly is a reminder that if you are set on something and making it work, for me its my new career, God will always lead you to that. It is not a great big space that added more chaos to m life, but a tiny, well lit, good smellin', comfortable area I can call mine! Its a reminder that this is the beginning for me, its mine and I'm working from the ground up the best way I know how to. Now I can enjoy my time while I'm working and that is what my goal was.

SIMPLE, MEANINGFUL, AND A PIECE OF WHO YOU ARE, that's how to create a well designed space!

Small disclaimer: My web page is being constructed to give a more updated/personal look so just ignore any links that are not working at the moment!

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