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DIY Snow Globes

Well, its a few days before Christmas and here we are trying to scrabble around for last minute items, grocery shopping, wrapping presents (which I still have not gotten to yet) and telling ourselves YES, I AM ready for Christmas!!! As I was in the store yesterday with Slayton it came to me that I have been so busy I haven't took the time to have a night with my kids to do something memorable for the holiday season. I had been seeing these pinterest post on these fun snow globes and I thought these will be so fun and we can keep them for years to come! I had exactly in my mind how I thought our night would be, so festive and exciting, decorating each personal globe which was my first mistake. NEVER expect anything to go smoothly with 2 kids (or Dylan for that matter), ALWAYS expect the unexpected lol. So we went to the Christmas crafts to gather our supply list and since the stores think its already time for Valentines décor, our options were small pickins. I let the kids pick a few pieces to put in their globe and home we went to start our project!

I had briefly read over a few articles on how to make these beauties, but I figured how hard can it be...So here we are set up and ready to go!

Sissy picked a lil cute snowman and the goal was to add glitter and fill with water to shake and sprinkle down, when we added water, the glitter clumped up and was nasty looking. so we rinsed it and tried again, its mostly just water now.

We had this spray adhesive we had thought would make the glitter stick better and it was a lil extreme. Dylan not only ruined his first jar because all the glitter stuck to the glass we couldn't even see inside, but did the exact same thing on his 2nd jar lol. So he gave up and just glued his to the lid and left the globe off..

Slayton wanting to do everything just like his Daddy, bless his heart, did the same thing! I didn't have the nerve to tell him it wasn't supposed to be like that because he tried so hard. He had picked a baby Jesus to put inside his, which totally got to my emotions because this entire month I have tried explaining what Christmas was truly about, and just when I think he never listens I am reminded he always is. It was so special to me that he picked this on his own. This lil flawed globe became my favorite because his heart was in it!

Mine was supposed to be this beautiful barn with lil sparkling lights! I had got some spray ice to make the glass look as if it was crystalized and the lights would glow through...well it just made it look cloudy and like I had a dirty globe. My lights hid in one corner and was far from a slight glow lol, with a few modifications it looks decent. Not at all what it looked like in my mind!

So there they are, our perfectly flawed snow globes! They are far from perfect, but perfect to me.

Memories were made, and that's all I want to share with my family. There is always next year to try again but for now these will do! Spend time with your family this holiday season. Merry Christmas from my lil family to yours!

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