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Something Old / Something New

You guys...I have been so excited to share this room with yall! When we first moved in to our home I labeled this the "sunroom" not because its screened in or even filled with plants, but because its lined with windows and it was a space I didn't know what to do with or call it for that matter. Over time filling it with the right pieces of furniture and décor it is now one of my FAVORITE rooms in my house! I have had a number of different things in this space from tables to loveseats. I never was completely happy with it until this 1 piece of furniture brought it all together for me. This old burned round table I found while scrambling through my grandpas barn. As I told you before they had a previous home that burned and there was not much left to this table, but at one time this was a solid beautiful piece. I could not let it just sit and rot any longer so I sanded my arms off for 2 weeks day and night until all the char was gone, restained and wahhhlahh...this room has been waiting for the perfect piece and this table was it! Now we enjoy eating here every night with my kids and I'm so happy we have it..Meaning, memories, and love is all this room needed.

It was super fun to decorate with items I had laying around (and outside) the house. Remember I'm keeping it simple this year. I had this lantern and I use it year round and use for all holidays, 2 weeks ago it was filled with pumpkins. Slayton and I went out the other morning and gathered pinecones and cut our own tiny cedar tree to put in a plant stand I had in the corner of the room. The phrase "bringing the outdoors in" actually happened here! I sprayed it with a can of fake snow and its so cute! It doesn't scream Christmas like my dining room but it definitely has the season vibe. I love lighting my sandalwood candle and the smell of musk fills this space. So there is least favorite room that I could never get figured out is now my favorite. Never give up on a space, it just needs the correct furniture, décor, and your heart thrown in a bit!

....And how about this awesome windmill fan to top it off!

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