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Christmas In The Country

I have been trying to get around to a lil each day here at the house, this year has been a whirlwind especially the last month, so my Christmas spirit was a lil slow. I am finally getting there though and I have some amazing décor that I will share a room each week of December.

Farmtable... This table was built 5 yrs ago, it was the first piece of furniture Charlie helped me build and I love it for that reason. It was built with old barn wood and some porch post I found in a ditch on a dirt road. Each chair was in my grandparents house fire and had been burned and abandoned until my Grandpa helped me restore each one. So with that memories were made.

I wanted to keep the décor simple yet give a feeling of excitement. Starting with my center piece.

Keep it light and crisp with elements of bright colors and nature. By adding the cedar it gives lots of texture to a flat space. Spray some canned snow on edges to tie into the white reindeer.

Throw in a bit of color with place settings. These are my FAV! Each dish has a script of the book 'Twas the night before Christmas. My Grammy got me these for my birthday the last 2 years until I had the entire set. Every time I bring them out it takes me back to being a kid on Christmas Eve, the excitement of what the night holds, the spirit of believing, and the coziness of just being HOME on that magical night.

Don't just decorate a space with items. Put meaning, feeling, and personality into your room and it will be a showstopper.

So there it is...a simple yet inviting table that is meaningful to me!

Photocredits to Nikki Devereaux @ndphotographyok

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