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Anna Marie

So this weekend was my cousins baby shower, she is the most deserving momma and has been a long road traveled to get here..but God has blessed her with the most precious gift. There are no words to describe the love a mom shares for her children and I'm so happy she will be able to hold this precious baby in her arms soon.

Therefore, Our gift had to be just as special. If you know Lindsi, you know her obsession with Whiskey Myers Band. So I wanted a DIY project that incorporated that..what better than the lyrics to Anna Marie!

This ol picket fence piece has been in my shop for months waiting for the right thing to happen!

I had a stencil made of the lyrics and added a few touches to match the nursery theme and colors.

So mom and sis came over and this is what we started with..

I always want to keep the chippy paint old look but also have to have it safe for baby, so when working with something like this be sure to scrub all loose chipped paint off with a wire brush, I even took some light sandpaper over the top and edges. Then wash it thoroughly. Now that its clean you can choose to dry paint or seal it with a clear or whitewash stain, which is what I used in this case so that I could still keep the original wear and tear of this piece. So it is still the same look, but now sealed and cleaned up.

Now the fun part, the stencil was applied and painted! The cute flowers were added on the bullhead and we have the finished product! Its a super sweet gift and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it for you sweet Miss Anna Marie!

And the way she looks don't nobody know, but I sure do love it when she crinkles her nose...

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