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Film Crew...What??

SO here is the big surprise, We got accepted to be on an episode of First Time Flippers on DIY Network! This was an experience I will never forget for sure. I was SUPER nervous the day the crew showed up I had no idea what to expect. My mom is doing this episode with me even though the entire family played a giant role in helping me through this, we were the only ones available to be there when the crew needed to film. We were asked to do every project with no help during filming which was definitely a hard task to do. I'm not very good being put on the spot to answer questions but somehow I made it through lol. I just thought what a better way to show viewers the process of this to truly feel like they were there with me through this.

This is some mom I have! NEVER would she do anything like this on her own and she has pushed herself to do ANYTHING to help my dreams come true. She doesn't give herself enough credit, she was absolutely perfect in every way and made me feel so much more comfortable just having my mom there, no matter the age, a mom can give her child comfort like no one else can. She looked beautiful and was there every second I needed her to be! Definitely my Ride or Die.. There was moments I thought to myself what the heck did I get myself into, but I'm super glad I had this experience to share with my family and friends. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity so why not! We met new friends and had a blast doing it!

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