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Demo Days!

The porch is gone..FINALLY! It was totally blocking the home and it opened the entire view of the home up. I cant wait to get our new front porch on that will extend on the entire front of the house with raw cedar beam post and will definitely add a ton of character to it! This will be the perfect place for our buyer to sit and sip on some sweet tea and enjoy country livin!

We took the existing siding off to extend the porch and replace some that

needed to be trashed and this is what we was left with..SCARY! This went from a home to a box real quick lol. My guys working had a lot of time to release any kind of stress during this demo because there was a lot to take down. So heres is what we are left to start on next week.

So they said I would have problems..

During any kind of demo is where all the things you don't want to know of the house is revealed..blah. Like, plumbing. Not something I had in the budget but this is super gross and HAS to be done. "budget" is a word ive learned to giggle at or else it could have me in tears instead.

This big clump of wet dirt ( we didn't expect the rain storm that came out of nowhere Thursday night) is where the addition will be. HOPEFULLY it dried out enough over the weekend to get the pad built up and concrete poured! Another thing, which I have learned a lot in the last 2 weeks lol, is that TIME is everything. Even when we get set backs like the few we came across this week, we have to keep pushing in other areas to make up for it. which brings us to the bathroom...

It is now a blank canvas and that is when my mind can really get to the design point and the fun can begin. I had a TON of things in mind for this BUT..since it is our very first flip and we are on a very tight "budget" I'm gonna have to keep this one pretty basic but I will still add as much character as possible with what we have to work with to please our buyer. This will actually be the master bath/laundry room so in this little nook we will have the washer and dryer with some cool rustic open shelving for storage.

We did have these original wood floors which is always an awesome thing! This week I'm going to pick my exterior colors and hopefully get the addition up and going. I will be posting paint colors and things in my next few blogs so everyone can leave comments below for suggestions, I am always excited to hear everyones ideas! Last but not least, I got my web link up and going now so anyone can google the direct blog at That's been the most exciting for me to finally see that this is happening and I can have followers and friends to support me and help expand my dreams. So please share, share, share. That's all I have for tonight :)

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