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This. Is. Happening.

Well...HERE WE GO..The beginning of Home grown is in full swing! This week has had me so nervous and scared but we are finally closed on our first fixer upper. I have been praying for God to lead me to this dream of mine for a very long time now and even when i was ready to back out, he picked me up and pushed me through. i had the idea of starting this blog for friends and family to join in with me every step of the way for fun, opinions, prayers, and all the ups and downs of flipping. i have never blogged before so hopefully this gets easier as i go. So anyway, back to the house lol.. this house is a country home that needed pretty much everything but a good friend of ours wanted us to do this for him so i gladly took the challenge.

It is a very small home of only about 780 sq ft. Our plans are to add on a bedroom and a bath, do a total gut and remodel of existing master bath, all new flooring, paint, cosmetics, lighting, you name it, its happening. Since this is my very first post and im still trying to figure this so called "blogging" out ill keep it short and sweet tonight. I'll be back with our Demo Days soon!

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