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Decor & Furnishings

Already in love with your space but need some extra touches? I can bring that room back to life with updated decor and furnishings.

Room-to-Room Remodel and Design

Do you have that one room that you aren't sure what to do with? Let me help you re-imagine its possibilities!

Full Home Remodel & Design

Looking for someone to step in and help you achieve the vision you have for your home? Let me and my team turn your house into a space you're proud of. Service available for remodel and new construction.

Real Estate

Needing to sell your current home? Maybe you are wanting to buy new? Are you thinking of investing in property and have your very own fixer-upper? I can help assist you in all areas with my real estate license. I am an active agent with Legacy Realty and continue to service my community with all areas "HOME."

Is HGD is the right choice for you

When asked "what style do I consider myself as a designer?", I have found it is a bit more complex than a one word answer. In my designs I tend to gravitate towards neutral tones: whites, creams, grieve, blacks, and glowing wood tones. I incorporate a lot of texture to add coziness and warmth. Starting with an elevated rustic approach and mixing new with vintage helps my designs achieve depth and character. This also creates a curated timeless look. My main focus is to let the client and the home itself speak through conversations we have, with each directing us towards a characterized "style". By combining those aesthetics with my natural gravitations, we can achieve the design that best suits you! My goal for every project is to create a space that is beautifully curated for families to thrive and feel comfortable in and that can come in all different shapes, budgets, and styles!

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