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The Family Fun Room

When I was first called to come take a look at this attic conversion I will admit I was a bit intimidated. The room was very bland and all I could see were walls coming in at me from every angle. It was very dark and dungy. My client had no ideas for the room and wanted me to take full control of the design. All she wanted was a space to bring her family together since they have 2 pre-teen kids.

When I left there I immediately started brainstorming how I could bring this room to life with not only furniture and décor but functional spaces. One of the most difficult aspects of designing a space like this is determining what style will easily age well with the family, as well as how to create something that's exciting and fun for all ages. The more I began to think of my options, a part of me felt motivated by the challenge to create functionality in a room that I first saw so little potential.

I knew the first thing that had to be done was declutter the area and brighten up the space with fresh paint, new lighting, and enhance the look of the windows. When I envisioned that much, it was like a blank canvas in my mind I could now work with.

I started to design one wall at a time creating unique personalization and elements that encourage both creativity and organization. Organization is an important key in a room that has so many angles. If something can be built with the option of out for use or tucked away, that's ideal for a small space. Like the murphy bed for instance. This cabinet sets flat against the wall and creates a focal point for the room design wise, but when guest stay over and need a place to sleep, it folds out into a full size bed! The old cabinet that sat in the room originally was actually my inspiration for the murphy bed.

The desk was built on an empty wall that was short and squatty. I wanted to elevate the structure to create the illusion the ceiling was actually higher than it was. So adding the cork, magnet, and chalkboard frames gave us that illusion while it functions well for a homework station or scoreboard keeping on game night! The antique school chairs just brought a bit of flare to an area that felt so new.

The snack bar felt very flat and hidden. I wanted to add some depth and interest since the rest if the room was flavorful. I opted to use a fun wallpaper (yes, it is back in style) and a floating shelf across the wall to tie into the skinnylap on the main wall.

Each space was very different and served a different purpose but it all blended together stylistically because of the colors and textures we chose to keep throughout. Personal touches were added such as the trophies, pictures, and motivational quotes. These details are what mean the most to me when creating a room. Allowing the room to tell a story on its own with each memorable piece.

I truly believe that every nook and cranny in our homes should be meeting our needs as well as our interest. What often happens is a resistance to creating something different in a space from what its originally intended to be used for. Just like this, once I got passed the idea of it being an "attic used for storage" I was able to think of the needs for this family instead of a set floor plan.

The frame I placed on the floating shelf quotes " You were born to be a player, you were meant to be here, this moment is yours." referencing to their kids that play sports. But when I left that room the day of the reveal, I remembered how nervous I was the first time I stepped inside, how proud I was leaving, and how maybe that quote was just as much meant for me as well my clients.

Video linked below..

Thank you for letting me turn apart of your house into a home.

Thank you J.Steele Construction for turning my visions into a reality.

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