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The farmhouse flip

FINALLY, the time has come that we get to start full force with this flip! I have been so excited for this and ready to share this process with you all. This is a hired flip, which means I was contacted to do the design, operate and manage this project from start to finish. This will be one you don't want to miss a blog because the before and afters will be breath taking. However, it is a flip, so I can not go to design crazy because part of my job is to stay inside a tight budget so my client can walk away with profit as that is the goal of a flip. So as much as I could have a heyday with this farmhouse, the boards below will hopefully appeal to that special someone in the end. The best part about this, you can fall in love along the way and it CAN BE YOURS IN THE END! It will be on the market this spring!

Ready for this mess? At least that is how most of you will see it. I walked in and my mind immediately started seeing the potential in this home.

The living room may be covered with trash right now, but I see high vaulted ceilings, two sets of amazing French doors, a fireplace to feature, lots of light and open space. All that I can cosmetically transform into a living room anyone will love!

The board says it all. This is our inspiration for this space. We plan to lighten up with some neutral paint, change out these doors so they can be used properly, and let that outdoor light flood in. Lastly, enhance the fireplace, new fixtures and flooring.

To the left of the entrance is a room that could be a 4th bedroom. We will feature it as an office space. I want this to make a statement, so I'm going bold! I tend to stick with lighter colors, but this small room has 4 windows letting in a ton of light, so that allows me to go dark and I couldn't be more excited!

I have been obsessing with this dark green forever now and haven't gotten the chance to use it! We will trim out windows in white and do some reclaimed wood open shelving for storage.

To the right of the entrance is the laundry room. We are keeping the same foot print, just updating.

I'm hoping we have enough subway tile left from the kitchen to take up the wall where the sink is. The rest is just new flooring, lighting, countertops and paint!

The Kitchen!!!! It is not in our budget to mess with the layout, so we will stick with what we have and just make it 1000 times more appealing. We are, however, going to close up this doorway and extend the cabinets for more storage.

The goal is to make this a true farmhouse style kitchen. Although, instead of the traditional white cabinets, I wanted to tie into that green theme in the office. So we're painting the lowers a neutral color that has a slight hue of green. What is a farmhouse without a front apron sink? Of course that will be there, new flooring, classic subway tile backsplash, and a statement light fixture. I haven't decided on countertops, but I'm thinking butcher block. I'll have to see on cost. I just want this to be as original farmhouse style as I can get.

The dining room is just off the kitchen with a large window setting. Again, a room with windows like this speaks for itself. All we need to do is paint, flooring, and switch out that light!

Up until now we weren't planning to take out walls out or re-arrange the floor plan, but this master bath was an exception to our plans. Before it was a long, narrow room with everything shoved along one side, the smallest shower I have ever seen, and no appeal at all. Backing up to it was a teensy tiny half bath right off the living room. So, we decided to lose that guest bath and make in into a large, much needed, walk-in shower with double shower heads and plenty of space. This room was a complete gut, new electrical, plumbing, and floor plan which I will go into more detail on this room's progress/reveal blog.

Loft upstairs! I'm just showing feature rooms because bedrooms are just a cosmetic update. This loft looks over the living room and it is a big open space that can be used for multiple options. To set a staging scene, we are going to use it as a kids homework/play area.

The staircase will be refinished to tie this beautiful room together!

Last but not least, the upstairs bath. Perfect access for the loft or the 2 bedrooms.

We will keep the same layout, but all will be remodeled. Sometimes the smallest rooms have the biggest impact and I have a feeling this will be one of those!

That wraps it up for now. Oh, let me give you some stats on this home..

3 bed 2 bath

office or 4th bedroom

a little over 1800 sq ft

11 acres (now you're even more interested huh?)

There you have it my friends, the first flip of the year! 2018 is looking to be great and I hope you follow along. It is going to be a fun one!

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