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All About That BASE

My tiny tree! This tree is only 4 ft tall and is a few years old, for the last 2 years I have wanted a new one but this year I needed to keep things simple and do with what I had. Previously I had this in my kitchen nook so the size was totally proportioned to the area, but with my new (old) table in there now I had to find a new spot for my tree. It is now in my dining room, which my ceilings are 22 ft tall, so it appears as a Charlie Brown tree lol. Next year I will get around to having a giant one but for now this will do, the kids love it anyway! I had my Brother-in-law (Jacky Cloud) make me this gorgeous, rustic planter box to spruce it up a bit and I'm sooooo excited for it. It will look perfect in my big tree next year ;)

This base is made from old wood straight from our barn. I love the idea of something different then a tree skirt and this can be used year round for other plants! So there it is small, simple, rustic! This beautiful scroll behind however has my heart! Shout out to my girl Courtney Jarvis and her amazing handwriting. I had the idea in my head and she brought it to reality. Its so simple yet such a huge statement. Christmas can be such a chaotic time with all the hustle and bustle but because of that one night, that HOLY NIGHT, this season holds so much more! So every time I look at this tree I am reminded of the night when Christ was born! Put meaning into a space, bring feeling, love what you create!

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